You may use your health spending account for our appointments. We can also provide a form that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. 

An out-of-network provider is a provider that has not contracted with an insurance company. Why is Improve Life PLLC an out-of-network provider? 

* Improve Life wishes to give you the ability to choose what remains private and contracting with insurance companies may mean your private mental health information may be shared with outside parties, included but not limited to your employers 

* Seeing an out-of-network provider such as Improve Life allows the doctor and therapist to spend as much time as needed with the patient, rather than a time period determined by a third party of non-medical professionals

* Improve Life does not want your mental health information to be used against you the future 

* Providers who do accept insurance are incentivized to change your diagnoses to look more severe

* Seeing an out-of-network provider such as Improve Life allows you to be free of red tape, non-medical paperwork, and time-consuming phone calls

* If you have a professional license, you may risk losing your licenses if your insurance company records your mental health diagnosis and Improve Life does not want this to happen

* Seeing an out-of-network provider such as Improve Life allows the visit to remain between you and your doctor without involving third parties

* Insurance can be helpful in other areas of medicine such as covering a $7,000 MRI, $1,000 visit to a specialist, or $6,000 biopsy, however, our services are much less

* Improve Life does not want insurance companies to deny your coverage in the future based on your mental health diagnosis

* Some insurance companies operate unethically and not in your best interest

* Some insurance companies value money over your safety and wellbeing

What if, despite the above, I still want my insurance company to pay for my Improve Life visit?

You can request a receipt from Improve Life called a “super bill” that contains all the information your insurance company needs in order to reimburse you. Whether you receive reimbursement or not depends on the type of insurance you have. Many Improve Life patients do receive full reimbursement.


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